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Julies Crete-Hospitality Services. Julies Apartments Kokkini Hani
"Julie doesn't just offer a place to stay in Crete, she gives you an island experience! On hand 24/7 to personalize each guest’s stay, Julie and her husband Manthos helped us explore and discover the hidden treasures of Crete". Bob and Rose Grayson (UK)
"From breathtaking beaches to ancient ruins, Julie will lead you to the best places, people and food,ensuring that you experience Crete just like a local". Pierre and Francoise (France)
"Thank you Manthos and Julie for your wonderful hospitality and for making our holiday such fun!".  The James family (UK)

Our guests enjoy unique opportunities to personally connect with the culture of the destination, to go off the beaten track, interact with locals, and understand their way of life. You ll not only stay in a beautiful, stand-out location but will experience the true culture of Crete – try the traditional food and meet the local people


Looking forward being on Crete
Julie from Julies Crete, Holidays and Houses,Kokkini Hani
"Holidays and personalised services that are tailored specially for your needs"
“Providing visitors to Crete a better experience is our passion!"
 Every traveller wants to relax. After a long journey, a difficult week, month year, the most comforting place they seek on holiday is a home from home. Not just a hotel room – an inviting, warm, emotionally, and physically comforting home. At Julie's  Crete, we are passionate about creating appealing environments and spaces that result in guests taking a deep breath and saying, “Ahhhhhh,” when they walk through the door

With over 35 years of experience servicing visitors in Crete, we know what people love and need most on holiday. If you want more details about our holiday studios, apartments, and country homes, or  simply need some advice about best to organise your holiday in Crete just get in touch!
                               LONG TERM STAY IN CRETE
With its unrivaled sunny warm climate, great food, welcoming people, and safe surroundings, an increasing number of visitors are deciding to stay in Crete for longer periods and are even investing in second homes. If you too are considering spending more time in Crete, as a workplace, and renting for the long term or investing in a property of your own,  you may feel as if you are plunging into unknown territory. We know how it is to start life anew in Crete, so if you are looking to invest in property on the island or simply need advice just ask Julie!


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