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Hello, I'm Julie! I was born and grew up in the Cotswolds, England. Most of my younger years I spent in the countryside on the back of a pony.  I competed in show jumping contests (breaking my nose a few times!) and later learned how to play badminton well enough to represent my county. I guess that if I had gone to university I would be a P.E teacher or a vet now, but that wasn't to happen... When I was 21, after completing an HND in Health and Nutrition I decided to turn my life around. I resigned from my clerical position at Cheltenham GCHQ, purchased a second-hand backpack for five pounds from the local newspaper, and a one-way bus ticket on the Magic Bus to Greece (traveling alone)...I never looked back. Fast track to today, I'm married to Manthos, (whom I met two years later, no I'm not a Shirley Valentine!) and blessed with twin daughters Stephanie and Marianna. If you enjoy classical music or science you may like to read about their activities here.  During all my years on Crete I've gained a great deal of experience working as as an overseas travel manager, a tour organiser, leader, as well of course as a property rental owner. During our children's school years I was actively involved in event and artist management. 

As well as a holiday consultant, I'm a qualified Interior designer and enjoy creating stylish living spaces ostly for our guests and our friends. In my spare time I exercise... I exercise a lot, especially during the summer months when I can be found exploring local villages and bike riding along the coastline.  You re very welcome to join me!

    Our facebook page is the place where I share my thoughts and ideas about nature, lifestyle and Crete, touching upon everything from its people and traditions to the island's products and hidden treasures.  I hope that our posts will inspire you to visit and that they will give you that incredible 'Cretan' feeling wherever you are right now,

Julie. x








Juliescrete-Julie Kapsetaki

Telephone:  +30 2810 762314
                     +30 6979268105


To book either go through one of our partners or directly to us... you choose!

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