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Anopolis Village,Heraklion

Exploring the Historic Beauty of Anopolis Village, Heraklion with Julie's Crete

 Anopolis village is located 20 minutes from the city of Heraklion. It is famous for two reasons, one is the vast mountain area nearby called Kopsa, which was the stage of the huge battle during the Second world war, and second for the the magnificent Monastery of St Giannis and it's brave participation in the struggle for the liberation against the Turkish occupants, and where there is great history including reference to the existence of a secret school for Cretan children in the monastery grounds.
The village is picturesque ,and despite being so close to the hustle and bustle of the busy tourists resorts on the coastline, it has remained unaffected  by mass tourism. It is therefore ideal for those who wish to stay somewhere peaceful and quiet within a Cretan community and yet still near to the sea and within easy access to great beaches and beach resort towns and the famous sites on the island. The location is perfect to choose too as a base for exploring! Many visitors enjoy walking, bird-watching, cycling, and other country-based natural activities. The village boasts not only a unique handicraft Park with over 14 different workshops of highly skilled Cretan craftsmen that you can visit and follow educational shows, look at their produce display, and buy souvenirs their products, but also the famous Watercity water park and the Anopolis by-night Cretan dancing fiesta.   The village history goes back a long way and monuments are sprinkled around every corner, adding grace and further beauty. 


Ask Julie to help you experience what its like living like a true Cretan!  Help collect grapes or produce olive oil, or find out how wine or raki is made. Perhaps you would like to rent a bicycle and to be escorted around the nearby villages and learn more about them?  Just ask Julie and she will help you organise that unique experience you have been dreaming of that will remain in your memory long after you leave!  

Anopolis village,Heraklion

Anopolis Village history is captivating and you'll be fascinated by how this tiny little village so close to the largest city on the island, has managed to keep its authenticity and traditions. There is one small grocery store in the square called'Gogo's', which apart from selling almost everything one needs in the daytime from wholesome bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, turns into the local's favorite 'eating place ' after dusk offering homemade organic mezes cooked by Gogo and her family.  For a really special meal, there is the Golden Cage', a gorgeous;y decorated stone taverna located next to the church.   

Anopolis by Night

A terrific night show that visitors flock to from all corners on Crete is located in the village, and offers the perfect opportunity for our guests to experience traditional Cretan dancing at its best!. The Anopolis by night is definitely an experience to remember! The show operates every night except Mondays,and tickets can be purchased online or at the door. The show includes a full Cretan dinner.

WaterCity Water Park Anopolis

Ideal for families and fun-seekers, the Watercity offers a great day of entertainment and relaxation and is just a few minutes walk away from our property. With an abundance of slides, games, and shoots the park offers amazing views too of the beach resort of Kokkini Hani. Tickets can be purchased either online or at the entrance. 

Anopolis Handicraft Park

With over 22 local technicians this park is a treasure to those who love art and crafts!  We welcome you to join one of the handicraft workshops and gain hands-on advice from some of the finest Cretan craftsmen. Ceramics.bronze casting, glass blowing and more...Follow educational workshops, make you own souvenirs, learn about ancient techniques.  To have a private tour of the handicraft park any day. Just ask Julie!.

Anopolis Village,Kopsa,Heraklion

The village is becoming increasingly popular with tourists with many deciding even to invest in small second home's here, buying cottages to relax away mostly during the summer period.  The village has a rich history of battles and hardships yet it's proud and friendly inhabitants extend warm welcomes to everyone . We encourage our guests to visit the magnificent St Yiannis Monastery (which is in fact in full view anyway from your balcony!)

Julies Apartments Kokkini Hani

The village of Anopolis is hidden above the hill, three kilometres from the beach resort of Kokkini Hani. The larger beaches along the jagged coastline offer opportunities to enjoy Watersports, boat trips, and there is plenty of space to relax, as well as enjoy delicious meals at the many tavernas overlooking the sea.

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